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Date: Wednesday, September 28 @ 00:53:58 MST
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Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
Email: gmacphee@shuswap.net

One of Canada’s Rarest Ponies.
Hackney Ponies are few and far between in Western Canada. Strawberry Sundae, aka Sunny is the only Registered Hackney Pony stallion standing at Stud in British Columbia, Canada. His uniqueness is a sorrel colour which is very rare in Hackney Ponies. Sunny is owned by Winnie MacPhee in Salmon Arm, B.C. Winnie has talked to owners across Canada and the United States learning a lot about this wonderful breed. To help bring more interest, this web site has been put together to help people find out more about this rare breed. The most popular crosses with a Hackney are Shetland, Arabian, and Welsh. The foals are designer ponies for the more advanced young riders who are looking for a classier pony with more energy and spunk. Disciplines include hunter/jumper, driving, halter, and riding.

"The Hackney Horse and Pony are like no other. It is indeed a breed like no other in abilities, conformation, and temperament. They are extreme. They will make, or should make, the hair on the back of your neck stand up and send chills up and down your spine. Just walking a great one on a lead is a thrill. They are spirited yet solid as a rock, intelligent, playful and kind all at the same time. They are the EXTREME of all of the virtues. They are and they know it. Yes, they often make you think they are on the brink of exploding at any moment, but they don't. They just keep your adrenaline on full tilt. Because of their nature, they attract to them a breed of people who are also unlike any other breed. The Hackney Owner/Breeder will likely be, passionate, emotional, talkative, opinionated and temperamental. They are much more likely to spook than the horse or pony they love. They are fiercely protective of both the horse and their breeding programs. They are also warm, inviting, welcoming, educating and fun."

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